Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes

Nutritional Rehabilitation


Following up and multiplying the impact

We encourage mothers to share what they have learned with other families in the village or neighborhood, multiplying the reach of our program. As demonstrated in research worldwide, the best promoters of a program are people who are a part of the communities in need.

After a child is discharged, an NRH field worker visits the family to be sure the child is maintaining proper weight. This often requires many miles of walking over rugged trails in remote areas without road access. Most mothers have learned their lessons well, and only a few of the mothers and children are asked to return for a refresher. While visiting the villages, the field worker sometimes identifies other severely malnourished children and brings them to NRH.

We evaluate this program carefully. Our doctors and nurses keep daily records on the weight and health status of children (as well as demographic information). Our field workers augment these data after the child is discharged. These records show that the
project has been remarkably successful.

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