Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes

Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes


Expanding the Program | Establishing New Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes

More than 80% of Nepalis live in villages. Some of the neediest mothers simply cannot come to Kathmandu with their sick children.

At the urging of the Ministry of Health, NYF is establishing NRHs throughout the country. We have now built eight satellite NRHs in various parts of Nepal, and we are busy constructing more. These are established on the grounds of zonal hospitals, which draw patients from a wide rural area. There are 14 such hospitals in Nepal, and we plan to build and operate an NRH at each of them.

The staff of these satellite facilities are trained at our flagship NRH in Kathmandu, where the employees have long experience in all aspects of child nutrition.

Here are pictures of some of the kids restored to health at the NRH – only because we cannot resist showing you these irresistible faces. Honestly, we do not hold a child beauty contest before admitting kids.


The success of this project is due largely to the energy, smarts, and loving kindness of Mansa Bhatterai, who managed the NRH for a number of years. She has the ability to communicate with the often frightened and illiterate young mothers and to reassure them that their children will be healthy again. Her gentle but firm insistence that they learn and understand the things that are necessary for the health of their children has helped to ensure that they stay healthy after discharge. The NRHs are happy places with deeply motivated staff, due in large part to Mansa’s cheerful disposition and capable management.

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