School Reconstruction



According to Post Disaster Need Assessment Report published by National Planning Commission, Nepal:

NYF has already constructed 26 seismically safe classrooms and 17 are under construction in Sindhupalchowk and Gorkha, using light weight prefabricated materials. Based on the test models, NYF has now come up with a modified design which costs USD 9 per sq. ft. The design meets the building codes set by the Government and is also safer, faster and cheaper to construct compared to the RCC system which costs at least USD 30 per sq. ft. to make it earthquake resistant.

NYF’s Target:


US$ 4,500 per classroom (US$ 9 per sq.ft.)

    Unit: 250 classrooms (light weight prefabricated materials)


Classroom Design (new)

    Size: 500 sq.ft. per classroom (including veranda)
    Roof: Corrugated Galvanized Iron
    Wall: 3 ft of brick or stone from the ground level, with lightweight prefabricated board on the top; total elevation 10 ft.
    Floor: PCC work

Front View
Close View

Back View
Back View




Fund Status

Updated: October 31, 2015
Target Amount Received Amount Remaining Amount
US$ 625,000 US$ 32,442 US$ 592,558


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