Birthdays at Olgapuri Villiage, Celebrating 75 Children with Homes in Nepal

OLGAPURI Village is home to 75 children with 75 different birthdays to recognize. That’s a lot of cake!

The solution? The NYF family in Kathmandu threw one BIG party and celebrated with acrobats and dancers from Circus Kathmandu, balloons, party favors, gifts, and of course – cake.

Join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to all of our wonderful children at OLGAPURI. They make us proud.

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  1. Chhoki

    Samagra Janma Dinko Sabai Bhai-Bahini haru lai Ekdam Dherai Subhakamana!

    The pictures are adorable and so great to see all the happy faces!

    Much Love!
    Chhoki didi

  2. Bettina and Mike

    Dear Children of Olgapuri Village: We are sending you all a Happy Birthday and wishing you lots of fun and joy.

  3. Saskia Bowers

    Dear Olga, dear Navaraj, dear everyone who lives at Olgapuri, works at Olgapuri and breathes Olgapuri – happy celebration day!! What a celebration it is, so much to celebrate. Lots of love from Miami from Saskia, kieran, Orlando, Mattie and Isla-Mei.

  4. Marlene Bethke

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To each of you wonderful children at Olgapuri Village. We are so proud of each of you!! May your future be bright with possibilities and filled with love.

    Marlene and Bill Bethke
    Medford, Oregon, USA

    1. Clemens Ogiermann

      Happy Birthday to all the children who are living in OLGAPURI! Must been a wonderful celebration day!
      Clemens Ogiermann and the team of NYF Germany

  5. Robin Uncle

    Namaste and Happy Birthday 75 times!! May your year ahead be filled with love, happy friends, good times and music and lots and lots of laughter!
    -Robin Uncle

  6. Elizabeth Share

    Dearest children at Olgapuri,
    So happy to celebrate all of you from afar. We cheer you on everyday as you accomplish so much. Love to you, Olga and all those who are with you in person and in your hearts.

  7. dianne

    Thank you for sharing these photos with us! What a beautiful village you live in! Happy Birthday to 75 miracles!! We love you all so. Thank you for letting us be part of your world.
    dianne budd
    san francisco, ca
    rincon del indio, uruguay
    (Roshni’s lucky sponsor)

  8. Mary from Los Angeles, CA

    Happy Day and congratulations to all! So wonderful to hear of all the accomplishments. Keep smiling your bright smiles!

  9. Ron Rosano

    Happy Birthdays to all of our friends and family at Olgapuri! I’m glad to see you had such a special and colorful celebration, I’m sure it will alway be remembered. Be well, have fun, and follow your passions!

    Sending you much love and many hugs from California,

    Ron R.

  10. Jeremiah Deamoe Sackie

    Happy Birthday to all of you, may God give you all long life and prosperity, and wish all of you a million more years to come.

  11. Mimi Sexton

    Happy birthday to 75 beautiful children! Looks like the birthday party was a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing the photos!

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