Donate stock to charity today!  Donate to the Nepal Youth Foundation.

Help the Children of Nepal by Donating Stocks and Securities

You can donate stock to charity!  Donating stocks and securities that have appreciated in value can be an especially advantageous donation. Donate stock to charity and avoid the capital gains tax on the amount of the appreciation, and obtain an income tax deduction for the full appreciated value of the securities. NYF receives the securities’ full value. In this way, the cost to you is substantially less than the amount donated to NYF. (Deductions are subject to certain limitations.)

Simply print out our donate stocks and securities form and give it to your broker. Please inform us about the donation so that we can thank you properly and keep you informed about our programs.

Download NYF Stock Donation Form and Donate Today

Please contact us at (415) 331-8585 or if you have any questions.