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Students of Nepal

Sponsor a Nepali Child’s Education

Students in Nepal deserve an education.  Nepal Youth Foundation helps to provide a residential housing program and offers a wide range of educational scholarships, including schools for the disabled and colleges in Kathmandu. There are far more impoverished, highly motivated students in Nepal than we can currently provide for. Please consider giving a Nepali child an education and the unimagined opportunities that come with it.

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IDP Girl newly Freed_200x150Olgapuri Children’s Residences. The children at Olgapuri are orphans, disabled, former child beggars, or abandoned or abused by their families. These now live in one of the best children’s homes in Nepal, where they are surrounded by loving, supportive people. They’re receiving excellent educations that will afford them opportunities that would have been unthinkable without NYF’s help. Many of the new members of Olgapuri are in need of sponsors. For a minimum of $2,600 per year, you can provide a student in Nepal with a home, an education, and all the love a family can provide. These children correspond with their sponsors regularly, and a number of the sponsors have developed such strong relationships with their children that they have visited them in Kathmandu. Sponsors also receive photographs of their child and information about their academic progress. Learn more about Olgapuri.

Scholarships for disabled students. You can enable a disabled child who can’t go to a regular school to learn to be independent, as well as to receive an education. NYF supports students in Nepal from grade school to college, and even graduate school, who are blind, deaf, and have other disabilities. Without the funding to attend special schools, these Nepalese children wouldn’t even be able to read or write, and would have no way to earn a living. The cost of providing one of these young children with an education is $500 per year. Learn more about the disabled children supported by NYF.

Boarding school. You can support a child who doesn’t have a home, a family, or anywhere else to turn for help, by paying for them to attend a good boarding school in Kathmandu. Your sponsorship of $1800 will pay all of a child’s school, medical, and living expenses. Sponsors of boarding school students in Nepal receive letters from their child twice a year, as well as photographs and update letters from NYF staff. Learn more about NYF’s boarding school scholarships.

College scholarships. Many extremely bright, motivated but impoverished Nepali students complete high school but have no hope of paying for college. You can provide a child with the means to earn a college degree, which is usually the only way destitute youth can begin to build a decent career. NYF gives priority to women, the disabled, and applicants of low-caste, who are severely disadvantaged in Nepali society. A college scholarship costs only $880 per year. Sponsors of a college student receive personal letters from the child, photographs, and updates from NYF’s staff about the child’s progress. Learn more about NYF’s college scholarships.

Please email us or call Nepal Youth Foundation at 1-415-331-8585 to discuss the possibilities for sponsoring a child in Nepal, or make a donation online.