A homeless children’s shelter – A dream come true

OLGAPURI – which means Olga’s little oasis – is a beautiful, permanent homeless children’s shelter in Nepal.  This new home will provide much needed shelter to some of the most vulnerable children in our care.

For more than 20 years, through J House for boys and K House for girls, NYF has provided shelter to hundreds of Nepali children with nowhere else to turn.

From those early days, these residences offered a homeless children’s shelter, a sanctuary for “…orphans, abandoned and disabled children, child laborers, street kids and youngsters who had been living behind bars with an incarcerated parent. Some had endured more trauma and suffering from an early age than many of us experience in a lifetime. Each child arrived with a unique, heart-breaking story. What they had in common was a chance to begin a new life –an opportunity to start over as part of the J & K House family.” Olga’s Promise

We are happy to report that the children’s shelter, the Village residencies are now complete, and the Vocational Training School will be done soon. All of the children and teens moved in to their lovely new homes in September!

Please continue supporting better futures for the children of Nepal.  You can support Olgapuri Village – and all of NYF’s work -with a donation any time.

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Olga with kids at OPV homeless children's shelter

Olga formally inaugurated OLGAPURI on September 25, 2016 with a joyful community celebration. Additionally, NYF hosted an open house for the community on January 1, 2017.