About Nepal

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Nepal is a country in south Asia with almost 30 million people. Known for its beautiful mountains, Nepal has 12 of the world’s 18 highest peaks — including the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest!

Visitors from all over the world travel to Nepal to experience its rich and diverse culture. They often leave amazed by the kindness and strength of the Nepalese people, but shocked and saddened by how poor the country is.

And it’s true: Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Too many children in Nepal can’t even go to school. Many are so poor they don’t have enough food to stay healthy. Some children don’t have a safe place to live, and some kids as young as six or eight have to work to help their families.

About Nepal Youth Foundation

While the poverty in Nepal is very sad, it is also possible to make a big difference. In fact, NYF started when one person, Olga Murray, decided to help some kids she met in Nepal.

After paying for four boys to go to school, Olga started the Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) in 1990 to bring freedom, health, shelter, and education to some of Nepal’s poorest children.

With support from friends young and old, NYF has been able to help Nepalese children go to school, stay healthy, and have a safe & loving home.

Kids like YOU can help kids in Nepal

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Malnourished children are restored to health every day at NYF’s Nutrition Rehabilitation Homes. Watch this video to learn more about NYF’s nutritional programs — and celebrate Laxmi’s amazing recovery!

Olgapuri – which means Olga’s little oasis – is a beautiful, permanent home for children in our care. Click to see the children wishing Olga a happy 94th birthday!

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To get involved, contact Giving@NepalYouthFoundation.org or call 415-331-8585