Nepali Children Welcome Home to Olgapuri Village

Nepali Children Welcome Home at Olgapuri Villiage, A NYF Shelter

Nepali children, welcome home to OLGAPURI Village!  Take a moment to welcome them yourself, by writing your message in the comments field below. Well-wishes received by September 20 will be displayed on colorful banners at the official inauguration in Nepal on September 25.

Be sure to check back for photos of the event!

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Comments (67)

  1. Jacqueline Wadswor

    My Birthday is September 25th and I cannot imagine a nicer way to celebrate than to welcome to your new home and your bright future!

  2. Gina and Rob Rose

    Congratulations on the completion of Olgapuri! This is a remarkable gift to the children who would otherwise have no hope for a fulfilling life!
    With all our hope for the future!

  3. Kelly

    Congratulations on your beautiful new homes – may they be filled with love, laughter and learning for years to come!

  4. julie Tave

    Congratulations Olga and the whole NYF TEAM for your wonderful work for the future adults of Nepal.
    Our hearts and prayers fly the waves, hailing your amazing project.
    Julie, Alain, Jennie and Jerome Tave
    California and France

  5. Mimi Sexton

    Welcome to the children of Olgapuri Village to your new home and the hopeful, happy times that are waiting for you!

  6. Alice and Don Harrington

    Congratulations to Olga and her family! We wish you all the very best in your new home. This is truly a dream come true!!!

    From Your Friends in Japan

  7. Mari

    Dear children!
    You all are precious beings and it is your birthright to live a happy life full of love and joy.
    Big hug,

  8. Kari Johnson Donahue

    Congratulations on your new home!

    May Love Always Lift You,
    Your Heart Always Guide You,
    Faith Always Lead You.

    Kari Johnson Donahue
    (Chicago, IL)

  9. Kathy Foster

    … Congratulations and the very best wishes – to everyone !!!
    Generations to come – will benefit from the hard work and effort put forth by so very many. Blessings, Peace and Love to all!
    The Foster Family in Chicago –
    Phil, Kathy, Jason, Patrick and Brian. 🙂

  10. Elizabeth Share

    Dearest little sisters and brothers,
    This Home — so full of love and happiness — is where your dreams can take root, be nourished and grow. No matter what happens in your life, you will always have this home, these friends, the NYF family, and the power of the education you are receiving. I wish you bright happy days. I wish you many opportunities to help others in need. And most of all, I hope that the love you feel today celebrating Olgapuri Village stays with you throughout your life.
    Elizabeth Share

  11. Bhawana Rajbhandary

    Congratulations to Olga and to the entire NYF team!
    One’s Selfless Dream, Passion and Genuine love has made thousands of kids to dream above and beyond and thrive. Sincerely Thank you very much!

  12. Peter Metcalf

    Daughters and Sons, truly my Brothers and Sisters, As you progress in your studies and learn about and explore our world, always remember what you already know – that the key to your home is in your heart. You could make the whole world your home, if you wanted.

  13. Amy

    Namaste beautiful kiddos! May you find happiness, love, safety, hugs and laughter in every room of your new home. You have people from all over the world cheering you on and waiting to lend a hand. Be good and do good things. We’re so proud of you!

  14. Bishowa tamang

    Hope that luck is always by your side as you start the crucial first days of your new shop with a prestigious project. Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

  15. Bianca Lethanh

    Namaste, to the children of Olgapuri: the future is looking bright, remember dreams do come true. To all those who worked very hard to make this happen, congratulations. Love from Hong Kong.

  16. Gaynor

    Peace, love and happiness to all of the young people that are fortunate enough to live in this beautiful place
    With love and light, namaste Gaynor

  17. Sarah Hite

    What a wonderful milestone. I’ve been at the “old location.” It’s terribly exciting that the Boys and Girls will have such a great place to learn, grow, and share memories. Olga, we’re so proud of all that you’ve accomplished and all that’s been accomplished in your name. It truly is a time of celebration

  18. Phurchhoki

    Congratulations to Olga mom, Som dai, and all the dedicated members! Love and hugs to all the bhais and bahinis while they transition to Olgapuri. I can’t wait to visit the house.

  19. Marsha Cohen and Bob Feyer

    Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to make this dream come true. And especially to Olga – whose “encore” career ought to be an inspiration to everyone. It’s never too late, she has shown us, to make an incredible difference in the world, whether around the block or around the globe. Here is to many years for Olga to enjoy this milestone in her great achievement, this amazing foundation — and to decades of service by NYF to its community (hopefully until a day, alas not so soon, when such service is not needed). We hope to see Olgapuri Village some day.

  20. Gary

    Congratulations to everyone involved. The children of New Zealand send their best wishes. We are sure you will love your new home.

  21. Kit Chamberlain

    Welcome home! I have been following Olga’s work with the children of Nepal from the early days. Indeed, this is a dream come true.

    Kit Chamberlain
    The Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation

  22. Lesley Ashton

    Live life to the full in your new home. Be inspired and inspire others and you will be happy. May you be richly blessed. love from Lesley & 3rd Slough Guides

  23. Ian Wolff

    Never forget how big the world is. You live on a magical globe, and are an important part of it. Work hard, enjoy finding your potential, and contribute to other people’s happiness

  24. Andrea

    Wishing you all peace, happiness and many blessings in this beautiful sanctuary ‘Olgapuri’. Olga you have brought so much hope and love to so many. You are an inspiration to us all! Andrea xxxx

  25. Ann and Dougal Crowe

    Blessings of health, happiness and love to all the children in their beautiful new home of Olgapuri, and congratulations to Olga and the entire NYF family for this wonderful achievement.
    Namaste and fondest aloha from Hawaii.

  26. Kara Griffin

    Welcome Home! My family and me are always thinking of the children of Nepal! We wish for you happiness and health and love!! Love the Griffin Family, Weddington, NC USA

  27. Carolyn Stremlau

    Namaste to all the children as they settle into their beautiful new homes in Olgapuri Village. Olga, Som, and everyone who is part of the NYF family have performed an amazing feat!

  28. Brian Ferrall

    Many years of love, health and support to all the children of Olgapuri. Congratulations to Som, Olga and the whole Nepal Youth Foundation team that made this possible

  29. Ruth Hart

    Thank you to Olga and all the others who have made this dream come true. May the future be bright for all who reside and learn in this beautiful new facility. Namaste from Denver.

  30. Patricia Davids

    We are so happy for all of you! We add our hearts to the many hearts that hold you. With love, Patricia Davids and Frank de Crom

  31. Sally & Roger Krakow

    Remembering that tiny “mud” cottage, then 40,000 children, and now this awe-inspiring sanctuary, we are over whelmed with joy and pride! Your lovingly persistent vision says it all, Olga, a perfect inspiration for the blessed life at Olgapuri.
    Sally & Roger Krakow

  32. Rebecca Lee

    Wish I could be with you today — I’m with you in spirit!!! Congratulations to Olga, Som, the children, the staff and the generous hearts around the world who believed in the dream.

  33. NYF Germany

    The team of NYF Germany congratulates to this glorious event: the inauguration of OLGAPURI!
    Despite all the difficulties during the last year, now a new era of NYF Nepal starts.
    We all wish you success and joy.
    We will continue supporting your important work.
    Best wishes from the team of NYF Germany.

  34. Diana McDonough

    I am thrilled to see the Olgapuri has made it to completion after being a dream for so many years, and then an earthquake and a blockade! But you came through. I hope children and staff enjoy it and find great promise, peace, and fulfillment there!

  35. Kate Parnes

    Congratulations to NYF and all the devoted people who helped make this beautiful new village a reality. You are an example of what resilience, against many odds, looks like. May all of the children grow and flourish under your loving care.

  36. Lottie Wilkins

    What an awesome achievement, Olga must be beyond proud! But knowing her she’ll just be moving on to the next project so she can help more children!

  37. Barbara Dobbertin

    What a beautiful new home for the children! Congratulations Catherine Foster for helping this dream to come true.

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