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The Newsroom highlights the Nepal Youth Foundation’s latest news, press releases, blogs, newsletters, awards and videos.

The Newsroom highlights the Nepal Youth Foundation's latest news,

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A number of documentaries have been made about NYF’s work in Nepal.

NYF and Olga Murray have been featured on ABC7, “The Oprah Show”, and in many newspapers and magazines.

We publish newsletters and appeal letters about NYF’s latest accomplishments and the children we help. Additionally, Olga Murray writes email dispatches from Nepal.

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Awards given to NYF and Olga Murray
Olga and NYF have been honored with many prestigious awards for achievements with the children of Nepal.

•    Olga Murray received an Honorary Doctorate from Bank Street Graduate School of Education (2013).

•    Olga won the grand prize for the Mannington Stand on a Better World Award, which carried a $25,000 award (2006).

•    NYF was awarded the California Association of Nonprofits’ Award of Excellence for the innovative Indentured Daughters Program, along with a $5,000 contribution (2005).

•    NYF was a finalist in the Global Giving Marketplace on Borderless Giving, which awarded a $20,000 donation (2005).

•    The World of Children honored Olga as a finalist and gave her a $10,000 prize (2005).

•    Olga received a medal from the King of Nepal to honor her work with Nepali children (2002).

•    The Dalai Lama gave Olga the Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award (2001).

•    Olga received the Women of Achievement, Vision, and Excellence (WAVE) Award from Alumni Resources (1998).

•    The St. Vincent de Paul Society presented Olga with the Frank Brennan Award for Outstanding Service to the Poor (1996).

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