•  Purposeful living is the focus of a new Washington Post article about our very own founder, Olga Murray (click the link to open the article in a new tab – it is a beautiful tribute by Pulitzer-Prize winner Katherine Ellison. May 6, 2021

Nepal News

Nepal News and Press Coverage - Nepal Youth Foundation - Donations WelcomeFind Nepal News and Press here.  Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) is a U.S. based nonprofit that works to provide programs for over 50,000 children and youth, and over 66,000 adults have benefited from our awareness and education programs regarding health, nutrition and children’s rights.

Nepal News and Press about Nepal Youth Foundation


•  Olga Murray is featured on CBS Evening News, sharing her life’s mission. July 5, 2021

•  NYF President Som Paneru interviews with BBC News TV, live from Kathmandu to describe the crisis – and the urgent needs in his country. May 24, 2021

•  Olga Murray is featured in a Washington Post article about purposeful living, a beautiful tribute by Pulitzer-Prize winner Katherine Ellison. May 15, 2021

•  NYF President Som Paneru speaks to BBC News about COVID-19’s second surge. May 6, 2021

•  ABC TV News covered Olga Murray and Durga’s return to Nepal 25 years after their trip to the US that would change Durga’s life forever. Olga’s tireless efforts have led to her being called the “Mother Teresa” of Nepal. Watch the video about their trip, Durga’s evolution, and NYF’s programs in Nepal. KGO-TV, San Francisco, December 12, 2018

•  The Guardian newspaper from England highlights the activities of NYF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Home in its Feb 5 issue while reporting Nepal’s Zero Hunger Challenge Campaign to address malnutrition. Please also check out Guardian’s photo gallery to see NRH’s. The Guardian, February 05, 2015

•  My life – Olga Murray, A feature article from South China Morning Post, February 09, 2014.

• Time correspondent Charlie Campbell interviews NYF President Som Paneru about efforts to free remaining slave girls. Time, December 12, 2013.

Olga Murray found a second career educating the children of Nepal. A feature article from CSM’s People Making a Difference series. Christian Science Monitor, November 22, 2013.

12,000 girls rescued from slavery. CNN’s Patricia Wu speaks with Olga about NYF’s work to free girls from the Kamlari system in Nepal. CNN, November 19, 2013.

A goat, a pig and saving children from slavery in Nepal. Watch a fantastic new CNN Freedom Project video about NYF’s work to free girls from Kamlari slavery. CNN Freedom Project, November 8, 2013.

Urmila Chaudhary and Manjita Chaudhary –two girls freed by NYF from the Kamlari system of indentured servitude featured in Nepal’s national daily The Kathmandu post, October 04, 2013.

An inspirational article featured in the IRIN about how the ex-slave girls are gaining new lease on life through vocational trainings and cooperatives. IRIN, October 03, 2013.

• Article and documentary on the Kamlari – “Nepal’s slave girls” published in Aljazeera, September 28, 2013.

Candid Interview of NYF President Som Paneru published in The Kathmandu Post where he talks about how the anti Kamlari movement transpired over the years and finally achieved victory. The Kathmandu Post, August 05, 2013.

Protecting Nepal’s Vulnerable Girls. Read about the protest against the Government by former Kamlaris (indentured servants) demanding their rights, and the key role that NYF is playing in the broader movement for the justice for the Kamlaris. The Daily Beast, June 13, 2013

• A Nepali Mother’s Day Made Better: NYF Celebrates Its 22nd Year. Read about Olga Murray and NYF’s many successes to provide destitute children in Nepal with education, health, freedom, and shelter. Find the Nepal news in Huffington Post, May 10, 2012

• Activists in Nepal make inroads against servitude for girls. Girls as young as 6 from the Tharu ethnic group have been handed over under a bondage system known as kamlari. The legacy of crushing poverty, caste and debt has left many victims scarred by abuse. Los Angeles Times, December 28, 2010

• Prem will be first engineer in a caste of wandering musician-beggars. A scholarship from the Nepal Youth Foundation is giving him un-imagined opportunities to fulfill his dreams. Hamrosamaj.net and DCNepal.com, October 6, 2010 dreams.

 Interview about NYF’s new HIV/AIDS project with Ranju Pandey, the project manager in Nepal. The New Life Center provides lifesaving treatment to children with HIV/AIDS while teaching their parents how HIV-positive people can lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Examiner.com, August 19, 2010

• NYF rescues struggling HIV/AIDS program in Nepal. The Nepal Youth Foundation has committed long-term support for the New Life Center, which provides live saving treatment for children with HIV/AIDS while training their mothers to avoid infections and cook nutritious food. Marinscope Newspaper, August 10, 2010

• NYF’s new HIV/AIDS project is in the Marin Independent Journal. The Nepal Youth Foundation’s newest program is the New Life Center, which treats children born with HIV while training their parents to give them healthy food and a hygienic environment. Marin Independent Journal, August 4, 2010

• Olga Murray describes falling in love with Nepal, NYF’s diverse programs for children, and the organization’s plans for the future. Napa Valley Register, August 2, 2010

• Article about how Rotary Clubs help the disabled in Nepal, and about Nirmala, a girls who was rescued by the Nepal Youth Foundation. Rotarian magazine, August 2010

• A boy with a terrible disease is now a lawyer! This article is about Olga Murray and a boy born with an awful medical condition who, thanks to the Nepal Youth Foundation, is now healthy and is a lawyer. The Kathmandu Post, July 25, 2010

• Interview about NYF’s life-changing projects with NYF’s Development Director, Gregg Tully. He discusses the organization’s work to end child slavery in Nepal, scholarships, and children’s homes. Also watch a video in which a blind Nepali girl describes the happiest moment in her life. Care2, July 18, 2010

 ABC TV News covered Olga Murray’s 85th birthday party and the decades she has spent helping Nepali children. Her tireless efforts have led to her being called the “Mother Teresa” of Nepal. Watch the video about Olga’s birthday party and NYF’s programs in Nepal.
KGO-TV, San Francisco, 
June 25, 2010

• Olga Murray is an inspirational example of what people can do after retirement. This article describes how she founded NYF and the celebration of her 85th birthday. Engage As You Age, June 21, 2010

• Olga Murray’s 85th birthday party in San Francisco. More than 200 people were in attendance, and they had many kind things to say about Olga. Sausalito MarinScopeJune 16, 2010

• A celebration of Olga’s 85th birthday and NYF’s 20th anniversary, and their accomplishments through the years. Marin Independent JournalJune 12, 2010

 See photos, video, and an article about Olga’s 85th birthday party with 200 of her friends. The party was in San Francisco on June 11. HamroSamaj.net, June 12, 2010

 NYF has rescued close to 10,000 girls from slave-like servitude. More than 3,500 have been saved in the current year alone. NYF will soon eliminate the tradition of selling girls. IRIN News, June 4, 2010

 Olga Murray and NYF were featured on ABC TV News in the San Francisco Bay area. Watch the video about NYF’s recent success towards eliminating child slavery in Nepal.
KGO-TV, San Francisco, 
May 24, 2010

• National Geographic article about modern-day slavery in Nepal and NYF’s work to end it. National Geographic, May 7, 2010

• Listen to an interview with Olga Murray on Global Online radio.
The interview, by Sagun Basnet, is in English, and is half an hour long. Himali Sworharu Online Radio, May 5, 2010

• Article about NYF’s participation in the Marin Human Race, including how you can get involved. The article also includes an overview of NYF and how Olga Murray founded it. (Scroll halfway down the page to see the article.) Vision Magazine, May 1, 2010

• Excellent new interview with Olga Murray about what inspired her to help Nepali children, how it led to founding NYF, and what motivates her to continue this life-changing work. Republica, April 24, 2010

 Moving article about fighting malnutrition in Nepal. It discusses NYF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes, which restore severely malnourished children to good health while training their mothers in nutrition and child care. Kathmandu Post, April 14, 2010

• Interview on the Human Trafficking Project’s website about the tradition in rural Nepal of selling girls into indentured servitude and NYF’s project to end this practice. The Human Trafficking Project, April 13, 2010

 Interview in Examiner.com with Olga Murray and Gregg Tully about NYF’s work to rescue Nepali girls who have been sold into bonded servitude. Examiner.com, March 22, 2010

 Interview with Olga about what inspired her to begin helping destitute children in Nepal, and how NYF has changed since she founded it. Success Strivers, March 21, 2010

Excellent article about Olga Murray’s life and NYF’s work for bonded girls. This terrific article covers Olga’s life story beginning from her childhood, NYF’s efforts to rescue Nepali girls from bonded servitude, and the organization’s other projects in Nepal. South China Morning Post, February 25, 2010

• Olga Murray and NYF work to eliminate the sale of girls in Nepal
Impoverished families in rural Nepal sell their daughters as bonded servants, but NYF’s innovative program rescues the girls and sends them to school. Associated Content, January 16, 2010

• Ad agency initiates media campaign to end indentured servitude
A Nepali advertising agency joins with NYF to organize a widespread media campaign to end the abhorrent tradition of selling Nepali girls into slavery. The Himalayan Times, January 15, 2010

• NYF and Olga Murray hold a press conference about child bondage 
Olga and Som Paneru, NYF’s Executive Director in Nepal, hold a Nepal news and press conference to raise awareness about the shocking custom of selling young girls into bonded servitude. The Himalayan Times, January 13, 2010