Every spring and fall, we publish a newsletter full of pictures and information about our latest activities. We also mail an appeal letter, which highlights one of our programs, twice each year.

If you would like to receive these mailings, please send your postal address to info@NepalYouthFoundation.org.

In our Spring 2021 Newsletter, Olga celebrates NYF’s strong and steadfast responses to COVID-19. She shares the story of  Bishnu Chaudary – the first freed Kamlari to pass the bar and become a lawyer.  Som introduces the SAAET Project, which is NYF’s newest vocational training initiative for women in Nepal. Read more about these updates and how to RSVP to our virtual Founder’s Day event on June 3rd!

NYF’s first-ever “Year-in-Review” features stories and highlights from each program in 2020. We share the strong ways in which we’re responding to COVID-19, and look ahead to 2021 with strength and resilience. As we reflect on this year’s challenges and triumphs, we continue to be incredibly grateful for all that our community has made possible. #LoveWorks!

In our Fall 2020 Newsletter, we spotlight Nirmala and her incredible journey – starting from when she first met Olga as a bright, six-year-old student more than 30 years ago, to her experiences now as the Executive Director of her own nonprofit.  We share this amazing success story along with COVID-19 updates from Som, the launch of our latest crisis-response program, Access to Education, and a special invitation to our second-ever virtual event – Celebrating Olgapuri Day Online!

NYF’s Spring 2020 newsletter covers our strong and confident response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Olga and Som share what’s been happening on the ground in Nepal, we introduce new members to our leadership team, and share creative ways for everyone to contribute during the crisis. Read more to find out how we’re celebrating NYF’s 30th anniversary and Olga’s 95th birthday at Founder’s Day 2020!

In our Winter 2019-2020 newsletter, we kick off NYF’s 30th anniversary year with three decades of memories! Olga reflects on NYF’s humble and passionate beginnings, and on the culture of organic evolution behind the success of our programs. A large, colorful photo spread celebrates NYF’s commitment to health, freedom, education, and shelter. We share creative ways for everyone to contribute and launch our new KidsHelpingKids webpage, and Som and Kelly promise more 30th anniversary fun in 2020!

NYF’s Fall 2019 Newsletter celebrates milestones and transitions. Highlights include one big birthday extravaganza for the children at Olgapuri and the Freed Kamlari girls leading social change from their new headquarters! Education and vocational training scholarships continue to demonstrate that some of the most marginalized Nepalese youth can succeed spectacularly given the chance. Looking ahead to NYF’s 30th Anniversary next year, we’re already planning for extra-special celebrations. Stay tuned for more details soon!

In the Winter 2018 newsletter, our inspirational founder Olga Murray shares why her trip to Nepal was extra special this year; we celebrate the deep commitment of you – our NYF family; and we reflect on 20 years of saving the lives of malnourished children. Other highlights include joyous holiday celebrations; the remarkable transformation of an indentured child servant; and ways you can continue to make a big difference for children and families in Nepal.

In the Fall 2018 newsletter, NYF Founder Olga Murray explains how we’re addressing Nepal’s high unemployment rate, Som and Kelly reflect on a busy summer, and we recognize “back to school” by celebrating NYF’s scholarship recipients able to learn because of you. Other highlights include the successful transition of four NRHs, supporters going the extra mile, and how friends like you can be a part of NYF’s legacy.

In the Winter 2017 newsletter, Olga describes the remarkable progress children make at Olgapuri;  Som and Kelly emphasize the importance of NYF’s scholarship programs that have given thousands of disadvantaged Nepali children the most valuable tool: an education. Other highlights in this issue include NYF’s 17th Nutritional Rehabilitation Center in remote Dadeldhura, the new New Life Center, and NYF’s work with flood victims.

In the Summer 2017 newsletter, Olga pays tribute to Tot Heffelfinger and Jack Rosston, two founding board members whose dedication and generosity laid the cornerstone for what Nepal Youth Foundation is today.

In the Fall/Winter 2016 newsletter, Olga describes the joy of seeing her dream of a permanent home for J&K House children come true at the inauguration of OLGAPURI Village. Som shares the story of how NYF struggled through earthquakes and a crippling border blockade to make OLGAPURI Children’s Village a reality.

In the Summer 2016 newsletter, we announce the upcoming Inauguration of OLGAPURI Children’s Village, Olga describes a project that particularly touched her, and we provide updates on NYF’s earthquake rebuilding efforts – schools, homes, and families.

In the Fall/Winter 2015 newsletter, Olga reflects on 2015 and admires the resiliency and graciousness of the Nepali people in the aftermath of the earthquakes. Som shares a story about a Peace Corps teacher who gave him the gift of education, and how NYF will honor all teachers by helping to rebuild classrooms destroyed by the earthquakes.

In the Fall 2014 newsletter Olga talks about the children that inspire her, and Som shares about how the NYF community of donors, staff and volunteers successfully carried out the relief campaign for the victims of the flood in Western Nepal which had affected thousands of girls NYF had freed from slavery.

In the Spring 2014 newsletter Olga and Som share about some of NYF’s big projects: how the J&K village dream is finally coming true, freed Kamlaris breaking the cycle of poverty through skill training and business opportunities, and NYF’s new project on Early Childhood Education to help improve education system in Nepal and create a pathway out of poverty for children.

Two girls NYF freed from indentured servitude boarded a plane for Hong Kong with Olga and Som to tell their compelling stories to supporters at a gala fundraising event held in October. In the Fall 2013 Newsletter, Olga shares the story of shopping before the trip and buying Krishna the first pair of shoes she ever owned in 21 years! Som shares the amazing news that the cruel system of indentured servitude known as Kamlari is finally banned by the Nepali government.

In the September 2013 newsletter Olga and Som share how ‘dream come true’ in building the new J&K House village. They also talk about how NYF has contributed over the years for girl’s education in Nepal. Please click on the link to find out more.

NYF helps its children through important life events to settle down in life. In the Spring 2013 Newsletter, Olga shares an interesting tale about how she ‘arranged’ a marriage for one of our boys who grew up in J house. She also writes about how the younger generation is obsessed with technology- ‘ipad mania of the K House girls’. Som tells us about the ‘Golden Harmony School Project’ which has become the icon of success and sustainability in educating the children of most marginalized communities in Nepal.

NYF’s scholarships break the cycle of poverty. Read here March 2013 Newsletter to understand more about sponsoring children in Nepal.

In the August 2012 Newsletter, Olga talks about the historic change in NYF’s history when she finally decides to retire from NYF’s Presidency after serving selflessly for 22 years, and introduces Som Paneru as the NYF’s new President. She also shares about NYF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes throughout Nepal, and about the inauguration of the NRH in Kathmandu; we finally have a place we can call our own!

In NYF’s Fall 2012 Newsletter, Olga and Som share NYF’s latest news about the little children at J and K House blossoming, helping girls rescued from virtual slavery, and constructing school hostels in an extremely remote part of Nepal.

In NYF’s Spring 2012 Newsletter, meet the delightful new children at J and K House, read about women parliamentarians encouraging former bonded child servants to advocate against the bonding custom, and learn about an outstanding project to educate and empower girls of the “untouchable” caste.

In our March 2012 Appeal Letter, Olga describes how girls NYF rescued from bonded servitude, who were once meek and neglected, confidently met with the Prime Minister of Nepal. The girls convinced him to promise to fund education and vocational training for themselves and other former indentured servants.

Our Spring 2011 Appeal Letter reports on Laxmi, a severely malnourished child who made a dramatic recovery in just two weeks thanks to our Nutritional Rehabilitation Home in Kathmandu. Laxmi’s transformation was captured by two filmmakers working on a new NYF documentary.

Olga Murray’s Fall 2010 Newsletter is about the importance of being thankful—expressing gratitude for what we can give as well as for what we receive. Olga also reports on the amazing accomplishments of Barsa, the first person from the Dalit “untouchable” caste, to attend medical school.

Olga Murray’s 2010 Summer Newsletter is about our new name – the Nepal Youth Foundation – and a nonprofit formed by some very motivated girls we rescued from bonded servitude. Olga also introduces the New Life Center, our new program for children born with HIV/AIDS. (4 pages, 1.1mb pdf)

In the 2009 Fall Newsletter, Olga Murray reveals a major victory in NYF’s work to free girls from virtual slavery. She also tells the story of a boy on the verge of death who, after being rescued and raised by NYF, went to law school and filed a suit to defend the rights of enslaved girls. Olga also describes a malnourished child’s amazing transformation at one of NYF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes. (4 pages, 3.6mb pdf)

In the 2009 Summer Newsletter, Olga tells the story of Dr. Harish, who received a scholarship from NYF and now runs a hospital that provides health care for the poor. This newsletter also includes the latest information about the Indentured Daughters Program, which rescues girls from virtual slavery, and the Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes, which have saved 5000 children from severe maluntrition. (4 pages, 402kb pdf)

NYF’s 2008 Spring Newsletter shares a moving account of a girl’s rescue from indentured servitude, as well as the dramatic success and expansion of the NYF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes, and the story of how a new girl arrived and settled in at K House. (4 pages, 9.5mb pdf)

In the 2008 Spring Appeal Letter, Olga Murray describes the truimph of the virtual eradication of indentured servitude in Dang district, as well as NYF’s ambitious plans to eliminate this abhorrent tradition from all of Nepal. (3 pages, 4.4mb pdf)

The 2007 Fall Newsletter highlights NYF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes, J and K House (NYF’s excellent homes for children), and the new Empowering Dalit Daughters program, which provides college educations to some of the brightest girls of the untouchable caste. (4 pages, 3.3b pdf)