Olga Inspires on CBS Evening News: Still Sharing Her Life’s Mission

Olga inspires just about everyone she meets, so the NYF team was delighted when CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell asked to feature her recently.

Olga inspires on CBS News. "I don't think about stopping": 96-year-old devotes post-retirement life to helping children in Nepal

Viewers who tuned in for the spot’s original airing on the night of July 5th, 2021 learned a bit about Olga’s mission: extending educational opportunities to Nepal’s children, as well as providing health, freedom, and shelter.

We are so grateful to CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas for helping Olga inspire new audiences with her story of personal impact in a world that often downplays “women of a certain age”. With support and solidarity from friends around the world, Olga and NYF are helping Nepalese children chase their dreams and build brighter futures for themselves, their families, and their communities!

“I don’t think about stopping,” Olga says. And neither does the global NYF team!

Thank you all for being part of this incredible continuing journey!

Thank you for being here

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  1. Beverly Eden

    It was exciting to see Olga on CBS News and letting more people know about the amazing work she and the Foundation have done these past few decades in Nepal. The positive impact she has had on thousands of lives and on the country will live on for many years to come.

  2. aruna uprety

    I feel so proud that i know her and had gone to her house and thanks to her i had been able to raise issue of malnutrition in Nepal

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