Psychological Counseling

Psychological Counseling at Ankur Counseling Center provide children, teens, and Kamlaris who have endured unimaginable hardships in their young lives receive psycholocial therapy and individual and group counseling.

Sold into servitude at the age of 8, Tulasa Chaudhary struggled after she was rescued, spending her days in tears and rarely leaving the house. Friends who were trained as peer counselors at Ankur Counseling Center pledged their confidentiality if Tulasa would open up and share. They learned that since her mother’s death, the family had forced Tulasa to work long hours, and frequently beat her. When they forbid her to attend a sewing training, Tulasa lost all hope. With the support of her peer counselors, Tulasa enrolled in the training program. She gained the confidence to stand up to her family and, after completing the training, earned income as a trainer. In Tulasa’s words, “The peer counselors gave me hope. They helped me to change my whole life.”

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acc_300x200_1Tulasa is one of thousands of emotionally-traumatized children and youth to benefit from the psychosocial services of Ankur Counseling and Training Center. Your donation gives other Kamlari girls and traumatized children the counseling, support and therapy they need to turn a life of despair into one filled with hope and possibility.



acc_300x200Psychological counseling in Nepal is in its infancy, although many children suffer from emotional trauma. Ankur has become a pioneer in psychological therapy for disadvantaged children in Nepal. The professional Ankur staff members are schooled in a variety of therapeutic interventions as well as in individual and group counseling. This counseling is enabling children who have endured unimaginable hardships at very young ages, most of whom depend on scholarships from NYF, to fulfill their potential.



Ankacc_DSC06903ur also conducts workshops for teens on life skills, sexuality, self esteem, drug abuse, and stress management. Psychology professionals and students, child care workers, and teachers attend trainings at Ankur. Internships are offered to college students majoring in psychology and social work. An Ankur satellite center located in western Nepal specifically treats freed Kamlari girls. Dozens have been trained as peer counselors, supporting one another as Tulasa was supported. Your donation gives dozens more the counseling skills they need to help their Kamlari sisters start a new life.

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A Pioneer in Psychology in Nepal, The Ankur Counseling Center is breaking down barriers about psychological therapy.

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