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Boarding School Scholarships for Needy Children


boarding 1Thousands of Nepali children are homeless, with no parent or responsible adult to ensure their safety and well-being. NYF has found children who were trafficked for labor, begging on the streets or abandoned by their families at hospitals, and placed them in reputable boarding schools, most often in Kathmandu. We currently sponsor dozens of boarding school students ranging in age from first grade through high school.

In addition to providing the funds for a quality education, NYF fills the role of parent or guardian for these children. The kids often participate in the holiday celebrations at J and K House. Their living expenses, school tuition, medical costs and, if necessary, counseling and private tutoring are covered by NYF. Each student is assigned a counselor or social worker who provides guidance and forms a personal relationship with the child. The counselor also oversees the student’s academic progress and addresses any problems that arise.

The children we enroll in boarding schools are sponsored by donors. Sponsors receive letters from their child twice a year, as well as photographs and information about the child’s academic progress. Our Kathmandu staff and field workers carefully review each child’s progress before awarding the next year’s scholarship. Several of the youngsters we’ve educated are now supporting younger siblings in school, and many have begun working in the social service sector.

There are many more potential boarding school students than we can currently serve. Sponsors are greatly needed. We encourage you to consider sponsoring a child.

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