Children’s Homes

Olgapuri Children’s Home (“Olga’s little oasis) is a beautiful, permanent new home for up to 80 of the most vulnerable children in our care.

One of NYF’s primary objectives is to protect and educate Nepal’s most vulnerable children by providing them a safe home to live. To do this, NYF administered children’s homes in rented buildings since 1992. Almost 200 children have been raised in these homes and have become successful parents, teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, I/NGO workers, government employees, social workers, and more.

From those early days, these residences offered a sanctuary for “…orphans, abandoned and disabled children, child laborers, street kids and youngsters who had been living behind bars with an incarcerated parent. Some had endured more trauma and suffering from an early age than many of us experience in a lifetime. Each child arrived with a unique, heart-breaking story. What they had in common was a chance to begin a new life –an opportunity to start over as part of the J & K House family.” Olga’s Promise

To ensure a permanent nurturing environment, NYF developed and constructed a Children’s Village dedicated to Olga Murray, the founder of Nepal Youth Foundation.
The village comprises a beautiful home with 4 houses for 80 children, a farm, and a vocational training center. We ensure that children’s needs are met through a holistic approach, including education at excellent schools; regular health, dental and psychological care; and a rich program of recreational and cultural activities. The children grow up in the “NYF family” until they are self-sufficient.

We are so grateful to NYF’s community of donors whose generosity has completely transformed the children’s lives from abject poverty, abandonment, and lack of education to a bright future full of opportunity.