Children’s Homes

Abandoned, orphaned, and disabled children find shelter, love, and an adopted family at J House and K House


Twenty years ago I was a hopeless and homeless 9-year-old, sleeping in the streets and washing dishes for little more than a dollar a month. Today, thanks to NYF, I have an MBA and a good job in IT for a big bank in San Francisco. I am also engaged to a wonderful Nepali girl who also lives in California. Whatever I have achieved, and whatever I am now, I owe to Olga Murray and NYF.

Former J House resident

Every year thousands of Nepali children are abandoned, displaced, or orphaned. With no family, and lacking government protection, they fall prey to poverty, homelessness, and unimaginable childhood trauma. J House and K House provide nurturing, stable environments for up to 20 children each at a time. Counseling services are provided to incoming children suffering from loss of identity, dwindling self-esteem, and serious emotional wounding. The structure and safety of a familiar routine, the loving attention of devoted caretakers, and the sense of being part of a family again gradually lift the mental, psychological, and emotional spirits of the newcomers, and the healing begins.

Over time the children learn the value of cooperation, inter-cultural tolerance, and social responsibility. They form relationships, celebrate holidays, and go on outings together. The children attend school, receive medical care, and in every way possible are empowered to realize their full potential. Many receive vocational training after high school or an NYF college scholarship. More than 200 children have been raised at the J and K Houses. Your donation ensures that other abandoned children will find the refuge, love, and support they so desperately need at NYF’s exemplary children’s homes.

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