College Scholarships for Impoverished Youth in Nepal

In Nepalese society, people find jobs through family connections. Children with no family, or children who live in a poor, remote village or urban slum, have no family to make job connections on their behalf. A college degree is a poor youngster’s best chance of finding employment and building a career. For thousands of capable Nepalese children, that degree is only possible with a scholarship.

NYF supports 300 motivated but impoverished college students every year. They attend universities in Kathmandu and colleges in rural Nepal. Their fields of study include business, humanities, and technology. Several are medical students, and a number of them are disabled. Before granting a scholarship, NYF carefully checks the background of the applicant. We give some priority to women, the disabled, and young people of low caste—all severely disadvantaged in Nepali society.

Finding bright, qualified students eager to pursue a college education is never a challenge. With your support, we can offer a scholarship to another capable candidate, and open doors to a future that would otherwise be unattainable.

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