Day School Provides Opportunity for Education in Nepal

In poor villages and in urban settings throughout the world, parents want a better life for their children, one with less hardship and more opportunity. Education is seen as the ticket out of a life of poverty. Parents in Nepal are no exception. They want their children to have a better life, but most can’t afford what little money it takes to send their child to school. Children from deeply impoverished families living in urban slums and rural villages are often forced to work for income or even beg in the streets. School is not a consideration.

NYF makes the dream of an education come true. If the conditions at home are satisfactory, the children stay with their families and attend the local school to avoid the emotional trauma of separation and to keep costs down. NYF pays for the school uniform, fees, supplies, book bag and, in some cases, private tutoring. Parents who can help defray the school costs are asked to do so; contributing even a small amount gives them a stake in the child’s education. NYF has supported hundreds of children in the Day School Program, all funded by donors like you.

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