HIV in Nepal is Characterized as a Concentrated Epidemic, Help Today

Children with AIDS and HIV in Nepal face social isolation, medical neglect, and physical and emotional abandonment. The government offers limited treatment programs. Hospitals refuse to provide medical care. Schools shut their doors. Non-infected children won’t play with them, and they’re banned from village activities. The children quickly become very sick, and feel brutally ostracized.

Mspn_DSCN3437MSPN – The New Life Center provides children with HIV in Nepal a transitional haven for them and their caretakers, most of whom are infected mothers. The program’s doctor, nutritionist, and staff provide educational activities for the children and helpful trainings for the adults. Residents receive nutritious meals, medical care, and psychological counseling. This holistic approach is the only program of its kind for HIV-positive children in Nepal.

Impoverished children with HIV/AIDS receive treatment and mothers learn how to care for their infected children.

HIV in Nepal is Characterized as a Concentrated Epidemic, Help Today

At 10 months of age, Bishnu Raidash lost his mother to AIDS and was also diagnosed with the disease. He arrived at NYF’s New Life Center severely under-nourished, suffering from hepatitis, tuberculosis, and a urinary tract infection. Wounds covered his body. A 45-day course of treatment cured Bishnu’s infections and returned his weight to normal. He left the Center feeling much better, with HIV only.

AIDS and HIV in Nepal easily invites numerous infections and malnutrition in children. Over 80% of the children arrive at the center acutely undernourished and full of opportunistic infections. Three months after arriving at the Center, more than 90 percent of the children return home at a normal weight, free of associated infections. The mothers return with a working knowledge of hygiene, nutrition, and infection prevention, helping to prolong their child’s life. On average, the New Life Center serves 72 children and their caretakers per year. Help us continue to provide holistic, life-saving treatment for HIV-positive children and their mothers.

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