Indentured Daughters Program

This section on the Indentured Daughters Program (IDP) below provides background about our work to end the Kamlari system of child slavery. IDP has concluded and has been replaced by our new Empowering Freed Kamlaris program.
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The innovative Indentured Daughters Program rescues girls who were sold into virtual slavery. For only $100, NYF gave each family a piglet or goat as compensation for the girl’s wages and enables her to go to school, probably for the first time in her life. We also provide vocational training and leadership training to build the girls’ confidence and empower them to be self-sufficient and successful. Under NYF’s guidance, many formerly enslaved girls have formed cooperatives which they use to create income generation projects and other financial opportunities.

Furthermore, former bonded servants have established their own non-governmental organization (NGO), with assistance and guidance from NYF, to support rescued girls and end the horrific tradition of enslaving girls in Nepal. The NGO is now working in every district where the bonding tradition is endemic.

The vast majority of the enslaved girls are now free, and the government of Nepal officially abolished the Kamlari system in 2013.


In western Nepal, many indigenous families from the Tharu ethnic group subsist as farm laborers. Unable to make ends meet, they have been forced into a desperate trade – selling their daughters to work far from home as bonded servants in private homes or as dishwashers in tea houses. Some of these children are as young as six.

Alone and far from home, these “indentured daughters” have no knowledge of the ways of city people or of other cultures, and most speak only the local dialect. Their living conditions are entirely at the discretion of their employers. The bonded girls seldom attend school and have no prospects for a decent future. Some are ultimately forced into prostitution.

Working closely with local communities, the Nepal Youth Foundation and its founder, Olga Murray, provide a creative, humane alternative for these families, helping them keep their daughters at home and putting the girls in school. Read on for NYF’s unconventional but effective approach….

Watch a Video about NYF’s Program to Rescue Enslaved Girls

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