Institution Providing Technical Education in Nepal

Institution providing technical education in Nepal including career counseling and vocational courses prepare underprivileged youth for marketable careers, leading to economic independence and a dignified life.

Institution Providing Technical Education in Nepal Thanks to NYF

Pig Farming

Shushila Chaudhary spent 14 years in servitude as a Kamlari. She never attended school or an institution providing technical education in Nepal. After gaining her freedom, she enrolled in NYF’s vocational training program to become a pig farmer. Upon completion of her coursework, Shushila borrowed Rs. 35,000 from a cooperative and started her own business. She repaid the entire loan during her first year of operation, and earned a net profit of Rs. 40,000.

Institution Providing Technical Education in Nepal Thanks to NYF


Unemployment exceeds 30 percent in Nepal. College graduates sometimes struggle to find meaningful work. To help young people become job-ready, NYF operates a institution providing technical education in Nepal that trains participants for more than a dozen careers. Counselors assess students to match aptitude and interests with career options. Students receive structured career counseling. Vocational courses are offered through the VECC program, or students are helped to find a training program that suits their needs. After training, NYF helps with job placement or self employment.


Beauty School

Young people with jobs serve as role models in their communities. They’re able to impact their family’s economic status and improve the family’s overall welfare. Like Shushila, many acquire the skills and the confidence to start their own businesses.

Your donation helps to provide basic vocational training to impoverished young people who very much want to work but lack the requisite training. Six hundred dollars funds an entire training program for one student. Eleven hundred dollars provides advanced technical coursework.
Prepare an eager young adult for the job market.


Medical Training

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