Kinship Care

kinshipcareOrphaned by the 2015 Earthquake, Anjali now lives with her grandfather.

Parents in Nepalese society rely on extended family members to help care for their children. Community-based childcare is especially prevalent in rural villages where grandparents, aunts, and other family members care for the children while parents work in the fields. Youngsters who lose their parents to an early death are typically raised by relatives in the village.

However, family members living in desperate poverty may not be able to provide for one more child.

In keeping with this strong cultural model of family support, Nepal Youth Foundation designed Kinship Care to support family members who are raising orphaned or abandoned children — who might otherwise end up in substandard orphanages, begging on the streets, trafficked for labor, or worse. To ensure that children are raised in a family, the Kinship Care program covers the child’s school expenses and living costs in households without the financial ability to support more children.

In the aftermath of the devastating 2015 earthquake, NYF expanded the Kinship Care program to support many more children, with over 200 families receiving support in 2019. It costs only an average of $706 to keep a child safe at home for a year.

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