Study in Nepal Scholarships for Early Childhood to Graduate School

Study in Nepal Scholarships are available for impoverished and disabled children and youth for early childhood education through graduate school thanks to Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) and our amazing supporters.

Study in Nepal Scholarships for Children“Why aren’t these children in school,” Olga Murray wanted to know while trekking in Nepal in the 1980s. “How much would it cost to send them?” Her curiosity planted the seed for the program that has since given thousands of disadvantaged Nepali children the most valuable tool they can possess in the developing world: an education.

edu1_300x200NYF grants need-based study in nepal scholarships to impoverished and disabled children and youth. Homeless, orphaned and abandoned children are enrolled in reputable Kathmandu Boarding Schools. In addition to school fees, NYF funds the children’s living costs, medical expenses, clothing, and counseling services. Through NYF’s Disabled School scholarships, students who are blind, Deaf, or have physical disabilities are enrolled in regular or special schools, giving them the chance to exchange a life of isolation, stigma, and hardship for one with meaning and the possibility of employment.


NYF pays the school fees and buys the school supplies for 165 children living with their families in Kathmandu’s slums and villages through its Day School Scholarship program. Every year the relatives of another 180 children whose parents are deceased or unable to provide care receive support from NYF’s Kinship Care program. The children live with extended family, attend school, and receive food, clothing, and medical care. Lastly, NYF puts motivated, smart students from impoverished backgrounds through College. Priority is given to female, disabled, and low-caste applicants. Currently NYF is educating over 300 students in colleges and universities in Nepal.

Send a child to school. Give her the possibility of a healthy, productive life. Lift him out of poverty and into economic independence.

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