Private Update: Exclusively for New Life Center donors

Your gifts are changing lives every day

Daily life is a struggle for many people in Nepal — one of the poorest countries in the world, where one in four people live on less than $1 per day. But children and families living with HIV/AIDS often face challenges far beyond poverty and illness — they may be brutally ostracized, medically neglected, and physically and emotionally abandoned.

Nepal Youth Foundation’s New Life Center is a healing sanctuary and transitional safe haven for HIV-positive children and their caretakers.

Thanks to your support, 35 children so far this year have regained their health.

To protect the privacy of those in our care, NYF does not share videos or photos of the people in our NLC program publicly. If you want to share information about the NLC, please contact us. Please do not copy, download, or otherwise distribute this video without express permission in advance.

The New Life Center

Since 2006, Nepal Youth Foundation has treated over 800 young Nepalese children living with HIV/AIDS through its New Life Center program.

In November 2017, we celebrated the inauguration of NYF’s “new” New Life Center in a Specialized Treatment Facility. Located on the grounds of NYF’s flagship Nutritional Rehabilitation Home in Kathmandu, each facility can seamlessly provide 24/7 care by sharing staff and resources.

With life-saving medicine, just a few weeks at the New Life Center turns these lives around. In addition to medical care, our committed staff ensures that each child receives therapy, recreation, and plenty of rest. Parents take away lessons about health, safe sex, and nutrition. But most importantly, children who arrived at the center malnourished, sick, and distressed leave as healthy and happy individuals.

And it’s all thanks to you.

A Life Transformed: Asmita’s Story

At two years old, HIV-positive “Asmita” was brought to the New Life Center after having frequent diarrhea and a persistent fever. Though she had already been receiving antiretroviral (ARV) medicine at a local hospital, her lingering illness mean she needed further medical attention.

“Asmita” at admission (left) weighing 6.1 kg & “Asmita” at discharge (right) weighing 7.6 kg

When Asmita first arrived at the center, she was severely malnourished at only 6.1 kg. She was lethargic, weak, irritable, and cried all the time. After 20 days of proper care and a carefully calculated diet, Asmita regained a healthy body weight of 7.6 kg — and her physical health transformed her personality. She became brighter and began to socialize, chat, and play with other children at the New Life Center. She returned home a healthy and active little girl.

*Name changed to protect her privacy.

Keeping HIV-positive children healthy is a tremendous challenge in a country like Nepal. That’s why we’re so incredibly thankful for your support.