Nepal Youth Foundation

Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) is a U.S. based nonprofit organization that works to provide Nepal’s most impoverished children with what should be every child’s birthright: freedom, health, shelter and education.

Since 1990, Nepal Youth Foundation has provided Programs for over 50,000 children and youth. Over 66,000 adults have benefited from our awareness and education programs in health, nutrition and children’s rights.

In 2000, NYF began the Empowering Freed Kamlaris Program, effectively freeing 13,000 girls the practice of Kamlari, a centuries-old system of indentured servitude slavery. Watch the video and learn more about the practice of Kamlari and how our program empowers young women in Nepal.

Nepal Youth Foundation a Nepal Children's Charity, the leading online consumer review site for charity organizations granted us 5 Stars and earned us a spot on the “2020 Top-Rated” list.

We are grateful for all our supporters who have made all this possible for so many children, women, families and communities in Nepal.