With Love From Nepal

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us!

Thank you for keeping the children of NYF close to your hearts.

Your support ensures their well-being and gives them so much to smile about.

We hope you enjoy the pictures in the slideshow below.

If you would like to share one of these Valentine’s cards made by the children, you can simply right click the image to save it and then print or email.

You can make your special Valentine’s Day donation by clicking here:

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  1. Natalie, Amy, & Anup Manandhar

    Your cards are so beautiful! We love your pictures of the mountains and the cut-outs. So creative. Happy Valentines Day and lots of love from Seattle <3

  2. edith freeman

    Your HEART, with all of you in the photo, is the prettiest, best
    Valentines Heart I’ve ever seen!

    Thank you –& won’t you all be my Valentine? Hope so!


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